3D Generalist

I've been working in the visual effects industry for nearly a decade. Truly a generalist, I've contributed to every part of the production pipeline from concept designs to final render, lighting, and comp. I'm currently working with Proof Inc. on previs, postvis, and techvis projects as a Lead Artist putting to work the many lessons from many years at Proof, the Aaron Sims Company, and my own travails in storytelling and 3d production pipeline management. I'm most at home animating, but I'm able to contribute to every stage of production with the large toolbelt I've accrued working in the field. I'm very capable, and I'm able to learn quickly on the job. A 3D artist by week, I am also an instructor at Gnomon School of Visual Effects by the weekend. Teaching helps me to exercise the desire to share knowledge and experience, and it keeps me learning!